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You Need a Skillful Agent

You may be tempted to buy or sell a home without the help of a professional real estate agent. However, you are risking time, money and aggravation without an agent’s skills to help you move through all the stages of a real estate transaction. Your agent’s knowledge is valuable in all cases, but especially if you should hit a snag. At least one in every five home sales encounters a problem that can delay or cancel the deal. Whether it’s handling inspections, documents, pricing or marketing, you need a professional’s help if you want the best results.

All experienced home owners know that the purchase isn’t simply two parties reaching an easy agreement, signing papers and calling the movers. There is a bewildering amount of paperwork involved and real estate regulations can change from state to state. You need to know the requirements of the homes association if there is one. Your agent will coordinate closing dates, the contract, title issues, deposits and the list goes on.

Currently much of the country is experiencing a seller’s market with multiple offers coming in for many properties. Having a seasoned agent on your side will help you compete against other buyers. Agents have an established network that will give you a first look at the kinds of homes and neighborhoods you want to consider. Negotiations are critical and your agent can manage them for you without emotions getting in the way. On the seller’s side, it can be hurtful to have buyers nitpick features of the home you love. Your agent can handle the criticism for you and still keep an interested buyer from being scared away.

You will need many different people to get a house bought or sold: a trustworthy home inspector, an efficient lender, a good interior designer, a home stager or a handyman are all possibilities. Depend on your agent to have the connections to make credible recommendations.

Remember to discuss what it is you are looking for with your agent. It will save time.

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