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Why Do You Need a Realtor?

Updated: Mar 14

A Realtor brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the business of buying a home. In fact, a licensed real estate professional provides much more than the service of helping you find the home of your dreams. Realtors are not just sales agents. They are expert negotiators, seasoned financial advisors, and superb navigators around the local neighborhood.

They are members of the National Association of Realtors (NAR) and must abide by a Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice enforced by the NAR. A professional Realtor is your best resource when approaching to buy a home.

Let Valerie Bomberger be Your Guide

You Get A Personal Specialist Who Knows Your Needs. Through a steady relationship, we get to know your real estate needs and concerns. This type of relationship is built by open communication at all times and by touring homes together so we get a good idea of your feedback and concerns about each home. Every home we look at you will be asked “What is stopping you from buying this one?” By asking precise questions at each step of the buying process, we will be able to narrow down your property needs.

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Why am I the right agent for you?

The Advantage of a Buyer's Agency with Val!

Buyer’s Agency Agreement has countless advantages and no disadvantages!

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