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What To Expect Now That You Are Ready to Make an Offer

Your agent will give you information regarding:

  • Current market and finance activity

  • Other sales to date

  • Competition

  • Broker comments

When An Offer Is Generated On Your Behalf your agent will do the following:

  • Go over every item in the contract with you so that you thoroughly understand what you are offering and what you are asking for.

  • Present the offer to for you personally.

  • Share your Pre Qualifications letter to the cooperating Broker

  • Discuss all offers with you in private, after listening to the other agent. Evaluating an offer is more than an arithmetic computation. There is no substitute for good instincts and experience. Your agent will help you answer all the above questions so that you may make an informed decision based upon your agents continuing involvement in real estate transactions on a regular basis. The first hurdle is usually the home inspection that is conducted by an inspector working on behalf of the buyer. Your agent will be present and represent you during the entire inspection that takes about two hours. Your agent will follow-up on the myriad of details that remain including handling the deposit, the appraisal, mortgage financing, survey, title insurance, and all closing documents for buyer, seller and attorneys. Your agent will review all documents with you, keep you posted on the progress of the final details and personally attend the closing.

If you have questions on Making the offer or any part of the home buying process please, Don’t hesitate to Contact Me!