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What a Difference A Door Makes

You would be surprised how just a little paint or replacing of a door can add value in the sale of your home. Painting your front door can give your home a fresh new feel. Changing out old hardware on the front door makes prospective buyers think that the home has been well kept up. You should also think about upgrading your door to a fancy one with glass. You should only think about this upgrade if it would follow the rest of the design of your house.

Using french doors to separate an office, den, living room or an elegant dining room makes a spectacular focal point. If you have a back patio area but no access, a set of french doors opens up lots of possibilities. Think about changing out your sliding glass doors for a set french doors. The master bath is another place a set of french could be used.

If you have questions on Preparing your home for sale or any part of the home selling process please, Don’t hesitate to Contact Me!