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Land Survey: Defining the Property

Updated: Mar 20

Often times when showing properties, I’m asked “Where is the property line”?

You would think that as the Agent I would have the answer, but the truth is that is the purpose of a land survey. Looks at most properties there are common indicators of the boundaries, such where the location of a fence is, where the grass is cut, and landscaping and even etched lines on a curb. However, my experience tells me that this is not a reliable way of knowing the land boundaries and come back to bite a buyer if they make this assumptions.

That’s why a Stake Survey, otherwise known as a full survey by a surveyor is what I recommend in all circumstances. It may cost more, but in home ownership, a full survey shows for certain the actual land you are purchasing, and must maintain. If you plan any future improvements to the property such as fences, pools and the more you know in advance of any issues.

If you are a home seller and are aware of a boundary dispute you will need to get a survey to show the right boundary to save legal problems down the line.

If you have questions on Land Survey or any part of the home buying or selling process please, Don’t hesitate to Contact Me!