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Curb Appeal Things to Remember

Updated: Mar 20

All realtors will tell you that a buyers first impression is very important. I came around this summary of curb appeal and thought I would pass it on. Buyers normally form their first impression within 30 seconds. You want the entrance of your home to say hello, not “I need a paint job“. A broken gutter and faded peeling front door will not make a good first impression.

If a home appears poorly maintained, it will cause buyers to wonder what unforeseen problems could be lurking behind your walls. Walk around your house and see if it could do with a good power wash to remove dirt, mold and mildew. Make sure visitors can clearly read your house number.

Paint faded window trim. Trim trees and shrubs, mow and rake your yard, clean out flower beds and invest in seasonal flowers, plant yellow flowers or group flower pots together. Yellow evokes a buying emotion.

Marigolds are inexpensive. Add mulch in the areas that need it, paint the front door, make sure doorbell is working properly, wash the mailbox, keep the porch and walkways swept and get an attractive mat for people to wipe their feet. Make sure that your garden hose is coiled and out of the way.

Keep children’s toys out of the front yard, sidewalks and front porch. Make sure if you have a pool to keep it sparking clear and free of leaves. If you have questions on Preparing your home for sale or any part of the home selling process please, Don’t hesitate to Contact Me!