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Buying a For Sale by Owner (FSBO) and not being Represented

Is it worth the commission savings to not hire a REALTOR®, this is appealing

and potentially rewarding thought if you find a For Sale by Owner (FSBO). However, the old saying buyer beware does apply! If the seller is not using a REALTOR® it could be because they think it will save them money, however most FSBO do list with a REALTOR® in 30 to 45 days on average.  The other reason might be that they are hiding something. Hiring a Buyer’s Agent may help you avoid a very costly mistake. Buying a house is a major life decision and many steps go into successfully managing this process.

Since most Sellers use the help of REALTORS® you will find that Sellers will most likely not "lower" the sales price just because you are not being represented. The seller still will owe commission for the buying side of the transaction to the Seller’s Agent based on their contract. They will want the benefit of these savings in their pocket not yours.

Working together, we can get the results you want.

If you have questions on Buyer’s Agency or any part of the home buying process please, Don’t hesitate to Contact Me!

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