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Michigan Lake Directory

See what Michigan Lake have to offer a variety of real estate listings options to choose from, along with numerous attractions and amenities to meet your needs. We can help you find homes or condos  for sale in Michigan. Let us show you what makes Michigan so unique!

 All Lakes

Acker Lake

Ackley Lake Paw Paw MI

Adams Lake

Alcona Dam Pond

Aldrich Lake White Pigeon

Algonquin Lake

Austin Lake

Austin Lake White Hall

Badger Lake

Bair Lake Jones MI

Baldwin Lake Union MI

Bankson Lake Lawton

Barlow Lake Middleville

Barron Lake Niles MI

Barton Lake

Baseline Lake

Bass Lake

Beadle Lake

Bear Lake

Bear Lake

Beaver Lake

Bell Lake

Big & Little Cedar Lake

Big Cedar Lake is

Big Crooked Lake

Big Crooked Lake and Crooked Lake

Big Lake

Big Pine Island Lake

Big Spec Lake

Big Wabasis Lake

Birch Lake 342 acres

Birch Lake Vandalia MI Cass Co

Black Lake Eau Claire MI

Blair Lake 37 acres

Bogart Lake Marcellus MI

Bonnie Castle Lake

Boot Lake

Bostwick & Little Bostwick Lakes

Brandywine Lake

Bristol Lake

Brown Lake Keeler

Brownlee Lake

Brownwood Lake

Brush Lake Eau Claire MI

Buck Lake Vandalia MI

Bulkey Lake

Bullhead Lake Delton

Bunker Lake Marcellus MI

Byron Lake

Cable Lake Sister Lakes

Cade Lake Sturgis

Camp Lake

Campau Lake & Kettle Lake

Campbell & Little Campbell Lake Oceana

Campbell Lake Kalamazoo

Canterbury Lake

Carr & Mud Lakes

Carter Lake

Carters Lake Jones MI

Cassidy Lake

Cedar Lake

Cedar Lake Marshal

Chain Lake Cassopolis MI

Christiana, Juno & Painter  Lakes Edwardsburg MI

Christie Lake

Clark Lake

Clear Lake

Clear Lake & Round Lake Buchanan MI

Clear Lake Battle Creek

Clear Lake Dowling

Clear Lake Muskegon

Clear Lake Pine Grove

Clear Lake Three Rivers

Cloverdale Lake

Cobb Lake

Coberts Lake Edwardsburg MI

Coffee Lake

Coldwater Lake

Cole Lake

Corey Lake

Cornwall Lake

Cotton Lake

Coverdale Lake

Cowham Lake Marcellus MI

Craig Lake

Cranberry Lake Marcellus MI

Cresent Lake Buchanan MI

Crooked Lake

Crooked Lake - Clyde

Crooked Lake Delton

Crooked Lake Kalamazoo

Cryderman Lake

Crystal Lake

Crystal Lake Denton

Crystal Lake Hart

Culver Lake

Curtis Lake

Curtis Lake Chain Cassopolis MI

Curtis Lake Eau Claire MI

Danneffel Lake

Davis Lake Edwardsburg MI

Day Lake Cassopolis MI

Dayton Lake  Galien & Buchanan MI

Dean Lake

Deer / Lake Moriah

Dewey Lake Sister Lakes

Diamond Lake  Sister Lakes

Donnell Lake Vandalia MI

Donovan Lake

Driskels Lake Jones MI

Duck Lake

Duck Lake - Allegan

Duck Lake Bangor

Duck Lake Whitehall

Dumont Lake

Duncan Lake

Dunn Lake

Eagle Lake -Bloomington

Eagle Lake Cass Co Edwardsburg MI

Eagle Lake Mattawan

Eagle Lake Van Buren Co

East Lake - Hopkins

East Lake Almena

Elbow Lake Vandalia MI

Emerson Lake

Fair Lake

Fawn Lake

Fenner Lake

Finch Lake

Fine Lake

Fish Lake Almena

Fish Lake Marcellus

Fishers Lake Three Rivers

Garfield Lake

Garver Lake

Garwood Lake Galien MI 

Geer Lake

Geneva Lake

George Lake

Gesler Lake

Gilkey Lake

Goffs Lakes

Goguac Lake

Goose Lake

Goose Lake

Gordon Lake

Goshorn Lake

Gourdneck Lake

Grabemeyer Lake

Graham Lake

Graham Lake

Grand Mere Lakes Stevensville MI

Grass Lake Barry Co

Gravel Lake

Gray Lake

Great Bear Lake

Green Lake – Allegan

Guernsey Lake

Gull Lake

Gun Lake

Gun Lake

Hall Lake Lawrence

Hamlin Lake

Haney Lake

Harris Lake Coloma MI

Hart Lake

Harwood Lake Three Rivers/ Jones

Head/Pine Lake Hastings

Hemlock Lake

Hess Lake Baroda MI

Hibbard Lake Coloma MI

Hicks Lake

Homer Lake

Honawan Lake

Horseshoe Lake

Howard / Black Lake

Howe Lake

Hubbard Lake

Huckleberry Lake

Hunters Lake

Hutchens Lake Jones

Hutchins Lake

Huyck Lake

Huzzy Lake

Hyde Lake

Indian Lake

Indian Lake (North)

Indian Lake (South)

Indian Lake Scotts

Indiana Lake

Ismons Pond / Briggs Pond

Jarvis Lake Eau Claire

Jewell Lake

Johnson Lake

Jordan Lake

Jordan Lake

Kaiser Lake

Kalamazoo Lake

Kalamazoo Lake & River

Keeler Lake

Kelsey Lake

Kenowa Lake

Kibler Lake Coloma MI

Kirk Lake

Klinger Lake

Knickerbocker Lake

Lake Allegan

Lake Bella Vista

Lake Bellaire 1,775 acres

Lake Chapin Berrien Springs MI

Lake Cora

Lake Doster

Lake Eleven

Lake Fourteen

Lake Harold 50 acres

Lake Macatawa

Lake of the Woods Van Buren

Lake Sixteen - Martin

Lake Sixteen - Trowbridge

lake Templene, Camel Lake, Sauger

Leach Lake

Lee Lake

Lee Lake Sturgis

Leninger Lake

Lester Lake

Lewis Lake

Lilly Lake

Lime lakes

Lincoln Lake

Little Bear Lake

Little Black Lake Muskegon

Little Cedar Lake

Little Crooked Lake Sister Lakes

Little Fish Lake

Little Indian Lake Niles 

Little John Lake

Little long lake

Little long lake

Little Nottawa Lake

Little Paw Paw Lake Coloma 

Little Pine Island Lake

Little Pleasant Lake Three Rivers

Little Spec Lake

Long Lake Alpena

Long Lake Cassopolis

Long Lake Colon

Long Lake Dowling

Long Lake Ionia Co

Long Lake Marshal

Long Lake Portage / Vicksburg

Long Lake Three Rivers

Long Lake Union

Lost Lake

Lower & Upper Jeptha Lakes

Lower Lake Hastings

Lower Scott Lake

Lyon Lake Marshall

Lyons Lake Kalamazoo

Madron Lake Buchanan 

Magician Lake

Maple Lake

Marble Lake

Martin Lake

Matteson Lake

Max Lake

Maynard Lake

McLaren Lake

Merriman Lake

Messenger & South Lake

Middle Lake – Trowbridge

Middle Lake 264 acres

Middle Lake Hastings

Middle Lake Muskegon Co

Mill Lake Bloomingdale

Mill Pond Dowagiac

Mill Pond Wayland

Miller Lake Marcellus

Miller Lake Watson

Miner Lake

Minkler Lake

Minnewaukan Lake

Mohney Lake Three Rivers

Mona Lake

Monterey Lake

Morrison Lake

Morrison Lake Coldwater

Morrow Lake

Mud / Springwood Lake

Mud & Cedar Lakes Almena

Mud Lake - Wayland

Mullen Lake

Munn Lake

Munson Lake H

Murphy Lake Berrien Center 

Muskegon Lake

Muskrat Lake

Muskrat Lake Bloomingdale

North Lake Gobles

North Lake Grand Junction

Nottawa Lake

Omena Lake

Osgood Lake

Osterhout Lake

Palmer Lake

Paradise Lake

Paw Paw Lake Coloma & Watervliet 

Paw Paw Lake Mattawan

Payne Lake & Little Payne Lake

Peck Lake

Peddler Lake

Pentwater Lake

Perrin Lake Sturgis

Pickerel Lake Decatur

Pickerel Lake Scotts

Pike Lake - Trowbridge

Pike Lake Buchanan 

Pine Lake Barry Co

Pine Lake Buchanan MI

Pine Lake Hamilton

Pine Lake Marcellus

Pine Lake Plainwell

Pipestone Lake Bainbridge Twp MI

Pitcher Lake Dowagiac

Pitcher Lake Lawrence

Pleasant lake Delton

Pleasant Lake Edwardsburg

Pleasant Lake Three Rivers

Podunk Lake

Podunk Lake Hastings

Pond Lily Lake

Portage Lake Galesburg

Portage Lake Three Rivers

Portage Lake Three Rivers

Prairie Lake Albion

Prairie River Lake Sturgis

Pratt Lake

Priest Lake

Puterbaugh Lake

Randall& North Lake

Reeds Lake

Riggins Lake Berrien Center MI

Robbins Lake

Rose Lake of the Woods

Round Lake - Fennville

Round Lake / Little Green Lake

Round Lake Dowagiac

Round Lake Sister Lakes

Rowe Lake Pipestone Twp MI

Rug Lake  Galein MI

Saddle Lake

Saddlebag Lake Marcellus

Sand Lake Antwerp

Sand Lake Sturgis

Schermerhorn Lake

Schnable Lake

School Section Lake Oceana

School Section Lake Waverly

Selkirk Lake

Shady Lake Buchanan MI

Shafer Lake

Shagnasty Lake

Shallow Lake Delton

Shavehead Lake

Sherman Lake

Silver Lake

Silver Lake -Saugatuck

Silver Lake Homes

Silver Lake Sand Dunes/Hart

Singer Lake Baroda MI

Sink Lake

Skyhawk Lake

Slab Lake

Smith Lakes Berrien Center MI

Sonoma Lake

South & North Scott Lake

South Clear Lake  Bertrand MI

Southard Lake

Spatterdock Lake

Spring Lake Petty Bayou

Stag Lake White Pigeon

Stewart Lake Sturgis

Stone Lake

Stony Lake

Streaters Mill Pond

Stuart / Brace Lake

Sturgeon Lake Colon

Sugarloaf Lake & Little Sugarloaf Lake

Swan Lake

Sweet Lake

Sweet Lake Sturgis

Swift Lake

Sylvan Lake Sturgis

Tamarack Lake Sturgis

Tharp Lake

Thayer Lake 97 acres

Thompson Lake

Thompson Lake Sturgis

Thornapple Lake

Three Legged Lake

Three Mile Lake

Tupper Lake

Turkey Lake

Turtle Lake

Twin Lakes

Twin Lakes Dowagiac

Union Lake

Upper & Lower Brace Lake

Upper & Lower Reynolds Lake

Upper Scott Lake

Van Auken Lake

Wabascon Lake

Wagner Lake   Buchanan MI

Wall Lake

Warner Lake

Weaver Lake Buchanan MI

West Lake Almena

West Lake Muskegon Co

West Lake Portage

Wetheral Lake

Wetmore Lake

White Lake Whitehall

Willis Lake

Wolf Lake

Wolf Lake Almena

Woodard Lake